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According to the NBA's previous penalties

Le 26 November 2017, 15:51 dans Humeurs 0

According to the NBA's previous penalties, there are two levels of punishment for indecent assault. One is 15,000 U.S. dollars. Randall in April 2016 Dante Fabbro Jersey, Jennings in January 2015 NHL Jerseys, and Kevin Martin in November 2014, all of whom were fined $ 15,000 by the league for "dirty" celebrations Shea Weber Jersey. How big is this drop? In September 2017, Rose, who has just joined the Knight, visited China and accepted an exclusive interview with Tencent Sports during his trip to China. When the former champion, the youngest MVP appears in the lobby, there is no imagination of the star effect, the crowd of people coming and going no one stopped to wait and see, no fans came forward to sign or photo, the scene is very lonely, and Rose seems to have been Accustomed to such a scene, he walked straight to the studio blankly. After the match reporters asked Wei Shao why choose one-third of the ball rather than a more secure breakthrough, after all Viktor Arvidsson Jersey, the Thunder was only 1 point behind, before the last attack Wei less the fourth quarter of the 3-pointers have been 4 0 0, while the two-point ball 5 vote 3, Wei less also gave their answer.

There are some cases more serious

Le 26 November 2017, 15:51 dans Humeurs 0

There are some cases more serious, will be penalized by the Union 25,000 US dollars. April 2017, Celtic defender Smart because of the indecisive gesture made in the stadium, the result was the Union for $ 25,000. And at the end of October 2016 James Neal Jersey, Wade was also penalized 25,000 by the league for a "cut throat ceremony" of the action. Rose did not immediately give an answer, he hesitated, emotions suddenly become a little agitated. "Young man, you have done a great job," said Rose several times over and over again before he gradually regained his mood Frederick Gaudreau Jersey. You can feel that the beautiful part of his career has been more like a scar to today's Rose. When it is torn apart, it can bleed and hurts, after all, it can not go back. We were laid out on pause, "Thunder coach Donovan said." The players did a good job of winning less space for Wei himself Trevor Smith Jersey. When you have a very good offensive player Nashville Predators Jerseys For Sale, you need to let him decide the offensive, find the shooting opportunities, I fully trust him.

This season the league stepped

Le 26 November 2017, 15:50 dans Humeurs 0

This season the league stepped up its enforcement of the player's conduct, some of which were fined just $ 15 Viktor Arvidsson Jersey,000 in the previous season and punished even more this year. The most typical test Cousins ??in the game with the Grizzlies, with a female fan mutual abuse, resulting in a fine of 25,000 US dollars, which in the past most are 1.5 million grade. A person's growth experience, for his character shaping has a great impact. Rose comes from Chicago's Inglewood, a famous slum in the United States, the nation's high crime zone, where gun shooting and drug trafficking are commonplace Ryan Ellis Jersey. However, when a child's Rose is muddy, because he has his brother protection. Dwyane, Reggie and Allen, the three brothers saw the huge possession of a young basketball talent Rose, I believe Rose can change the fate of basketball Calle Jarnkrok Jersey. Therefore, the brothers became a protective net for Rose, Ross and Inglewood to those bad guys holding a gun and drug trafficking, Ross need to do is concentrate on training and play, the rest of the things to be resolved by the brothers Stefan Elliott Jersey, the family outside Any guy trying to get closer to Rose is seen by his brothers as a potential danger.

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